Master Certified Coach

I could say that I am a human who facilitates other people’s thinking. I am a business owner. A Mother. A friend. A volunteer. An MCC Master Coach with over 13000 hours experience. The author of Simplifying Coaching and host at The Coaching Inn podcast. I wrote The Human Behind The Coach with Lucia Baldelli. All of these are true and each will impact how we start a conversation. With some definitions you might assign me power which I do not deserve.

I established 3D Coaching in the 1990s to bring together the simplest and best learning from coaching to support people in organisations to have more effective conversations with an edge.  Coaching for more than 35 years, I believe that the essence of coaching is simple and that it takes time to learn to work that simply. My training has been as a coach (Coach University), as a Systemic Practitioner (Coaching Constellations) and a Coaching Supervisor (Bath Consulting Group).

While the rest of the 3D Team are delivering high quality coaching, my current focus is developing internal and external coaches through training, masterclasses and mentoring.  My learning lab is the coaches I listen to three days a week.  Based on those observations and noticing when transformation does or does not happen, my current learning journey is about understanding and sharing what makes for true partnership in coaching.

Every so often I go for a very long walk – in 2022 it was 600km on the Camino in Spain. And if credentials matter to you I received the 2022 Outstanding Contribution to Coaching Award from Henley Business School for being a coach and a Points of Light Award from the UK Prime Minister for being a human!


Master Certified Coach

I am a coach who enjoys helping others cross the finish line and succeed.

I partner with coaches and leaders who want to amplify their impact. I truly believe this can happen if we constantly see ourselves as a work in progress, striving to become a better version of ourselves in every interaction with others.

My focus is helping coaches bring their humanity as they enter the coaching room. I do this through training, mentor coaching and supervision. 

I work with executives and their teams to help them collaborate better and achieve challenging objectives. I build internal coaching capabilities within organisations. I also volunteer as an executive coach to non-profit organisations that work with rising leaders to help them manifest the change they want to see in the world.

I am a Master Certified Coach with the ICF, a Certified Enterprise & Team Coach in the Agile space and co-author of the book “The Human Behind the Coach” with Claire Pedrick. I am trained as a supervisor (Animas Coaching) and in Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC). 

I am Italian, although you would never know it if you heard me speaking English or Spanish. I lived in Gibraltar, the British corner of Andalusia, for 8 years. I founded the coaching studio Coaching Outside the Box in 2016.  

My career started in the Agile space 20 years ago. Since then, I have coached multicultural and distributed organisations from 18 countries and partnered with hundreds of coaches from all over the world.

Outside of work, I am a lucky wife and mother of two boys. 


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